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Optical Eyecare Franchises

‘Eyeglasses’ is a term used to refer to lenses worn either as a fashion accessory or to aid vision. Formerly, this term was used to refer to a wide range of frames and single and double lenses. Originally, eyeglasses were meant to be used as a practical vision aid. However, this has changed as eyeglasses started being used as fashionable symbols of learning and status among other desirable traits even by people with perfect vision.

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Socks & Bottoms

We are a fun and stylish retail franchise specializing in novelty socks and underwear. We carry something for everyone - from favorite sports teams to matching socks for the entire family, from the Ma ...
141k Min. Cash Required

The Lash Lounge

The Lash Lounge is the first beauty salon franchise specializing primarily in semi-permanent eyelash extensions.
164k Min. Cash Required

Bellies to Babies

At Bellies to Babies, our franchise stores buy and sell thousands of previously loved maternity items every month, creating a positive impact on the community and a successful business model for our s ...
60k Min. Cash Required

Pinch A Penny Pools

Since opening its first store in 1975, Pinch A Penny has become the largest franchised retail pool, patio and spa company. Pinch A Penny's direction is quite simple. We strive to be unrivaled in provi ...
249k Min. Cash Required


Stop ignoring the 55+ market! Change lives and own a successful business with the most trusted name in hearing care.
90k Min. Cash Required

Arrowhead Survival Premium Firearms - Home Defense

Arrowhead Survival is a unique retail concept that spans some of the strongest markets in the nation. The firearms industry currently accounts for a $51.3 billion contribution to the economy, and the ...
136k Min. Cash Required

Comic Book Caf

To build an award-winning franchise, you need a thoroughly experienced team who understands the industry and how to navigate through it. The leadership team at COMIC BOOK CAFE is unlike any other and ...
432k Min. Cash Required

Pearce Bespoke

The only custom clothing franchise on the market!
75k Min. Cash Required
Found 8 franchises

Additional Information

The history of eyeglasses shows that they were first spotted in Italy. This was during the part of the 13th century. They took the form of a pair of magnifying lenses that featured riveted handles. The pair had a simple look and it required the user to balance it on the nose or hold them in front of the eyes. The lenses of this pair were round in shape and they were made from glass, Beryl or Quartz. On the other hand, the frames were made of various materials. Among these materials were gold, silver, bone, iron, leather, horn and brass. Since back in history, eyeglasses had forms that were inspired by fashion. However, it was not until the 20th century that the form and purpose of eyeglasses experienced a massive evolution. On their own right, they evolved into a fashion accessory from a practical necessity. As a result of this, their form facilitated individual expression, personal appearance enhancement, and design. The College of Optometrists conducted certain research and the team concluded that 43 percent of people have a notion that glasses give them a smart appearance. They believe that they look smarter in glasses as opposed to without. Another 36 percent of the sampled population believed that wearing glasses gave them a businesslike appearance or gave them a professional look. From this report, it goes without saying that 2 out of 5 people who wear glasses as a practical necessity or not do this to look fashionable and to get ahead at work at the same time. In the year 2018, the revenue generated by the eyewear market so far amounts to $31 million. By the year 2021, there is a prediction that the market will grow by 1.2 percent annually. Globally, when the revenue generated by the eye market is compared, the United States takes the lion’s share. The U.S dominates this market with the total population figures $97 revenue per person in 2018. By the year 2012, there is a prediction that 11 percent of the total revenue generated by the eye market will come from online sales. Here are some important points of information to research before you decide on which Optical Eyecare Franchises is best for your situation. 1. Check out all the other franchise locations and other types of Optical Eyecare franchise market competition in your area. 2. Research each Optical Eyecare Franchises and list the services they offer and specialize in to determine the best fit for you. 3. Review each Optical Eyecare Franchises and make a chart that includes franchise fees, startup cost, cash investment, etc. 4. Call and talk with current franchise owners and get their opinion on the pros and cons of the different franchise options. At Franchise Clique, we are proud to present a variety of Optical Eyecare Franchises opportunities in our listings. Find your next investment today!

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