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Sundek of Washington Expands Concrete Services to Property Managers in Maryland and Virginia

The popular use of decorative concrete coatings as a way to curb the typical problems associated with deteriorating concrete is now available to Property Managers in Maryland and Virginia.

Maintaining a property in Virginia or Maryland just got easier. One of the overwhelming problems needing to be dealt with on a property is the concrete that commonly surrounds it. Concrete steps, walkways, breezeways, pool decks or driveways; all have a tendency to spall, flake, chip and pit over time, not to mention the staining and discoloration typical with vehicular fluids and the environment .

Smart property managers are starting to choose to use decorative concrete overlay coatings as a way to curb the typical problems associated with deteriorating concrete. By applying a coating to concrete, the surface will resist staining, be easy to clean and maintain and be slip resistant, while adding a decorative touch that gives great curb appeal.

Sundek of Washington has been repairing damaged concrete in the Washington DC area for decades. They have a long relationship with concrete and are experts in the repair and restoration of concrete surfaces. With all of their success over the years, they have now expanded their services into Maryland and Virginia.

"We take all types of concrete surfaces and make them look new again." says Owner Dick Krach. "We are excited to expand our services into Virginia and Maryland and think we can offer exceptional service to the property management community there just as we have for decades in DC."

Sundek of Washington is backed by proven systems through the SUNDEK brand. They offer top notch quality products and are completely set up to handle the expansion into Maryland and Virginia.

For Property Managers in Virginia and Maryland pulling their hair out over terrible looking concrete around their buildings, they can now look no further than Sundek of Washington to spruce up their property and up the overall value.

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