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The iFranchise Group Joins CFA


Leading Franchise Consulting Firm Joins CFA

to Further Support New and Existing Franchisors in Canada


HOMEWOOD, IL – The iFranchise Group (, a leading franchise consulting firm based near Chicago, announced that it recently joined the Canadian Franchise Association. Company executives believe that the Canadian franchise market is one of great opportunity and potential for businesses of all types and sizes. 


“We are proud to have recently become a member in good standing of the Canadian Franchise Association, as it helps convey to franchisors and other companies in the Canadian market that we stand for ethical franchising, per the CFA’s Code of Ethics,” states iFranchise Group CEO, Mark Siebert.


“We have already worked with a number of Canadian start-up and existing franchise organizations, across a broad range of industries,” adds Siebert. “We hope to continue to develop relationships with Canadian companies going forward, as they expand in Canada and across borders into the U.S. and beyond.”


Since its inception in 1998, iFranchise Group has dedicated its efforts to establishing long-term, strategic relationships with franchisors, both new and established, and other companies seeking consultative guidance with business expansion strategies.


With a staff of franchise consultants with a combined 450+ years of experience in franchise development and implementation, iFranchise Group has worked with over 30 Fortune 2000 companies and with 98 of the world’s top 200 franchisors as rated by Franchise Times magazine. Clients include companies from the United States, Canada, as well as a number of countries in Latin America and the Middle East.


Canadian clients of iFranchise Group have varied from new franchisors who are just starting out in franchising, within industry sectors such as in-home services, professional trades, foodservice, and more; as well as established franchisors with existing networks of franchise units, in industries including healthcare and other fields, who are seeking assistance with domestic and international expansion.


The iFranchise Group and its team of franchise consultants expects to continue to provide services to Canadian companies on an ongoing basis. “The Canadian market has not been nearly as hard hit as the United States in this current recessionary period,” says Siebert. “That means some of the biggest challenges that have faced U.S. entrepreneurs, most notably tightened credit lending, aren’t seen to the same extent in Canada. This leads to more favorable conditions for both Canadian franchisors and franchise buyers, and we are excited to be part of the development efforts of many companies – both now and in the future.”   



About iFranchise Group: iFranchise Group (, is a leading franchise consulting firm that offers the skills of the nation's top professionals in franchise strategic planning, operations training and documentation, franchise marketing and sales, advertising fund management, franchise recruitment, and development of Internet-based applications for emerging and established franchise companies worldwide.

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