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Interview with Scott Been: Founder of Credit Repair USA & Jury Becerra, Licensee

Interview with Scott Been: Founder of Credit Repair USA & Jury Becerra, Licensee

Interview with Scott Been: Founder of Credit Repair USA & Jury Becerra, Licensee

Establishing and building good credit is a part of life. Actually, it should be a mandatory college class taught to students to prepare them for what is ahead in the game of life. We even hate relying on a school system to produce the teaching, as it should come from the parents to begin with, but with how the economy is now and how the economy has been over the past 20 years, even the parents are having a hard time dealing with the credit system. So, there really is no outlet for anyone on how the credit system is played other than fake news stories on the internet. That is why we are here! That’s where Credit Repair USA comes into play. Born from a local credit repair company in Texas, Credit Repair USA set their sights on the bigger picture and created a national brand. Since then, CR USA has been improving lives: both for clients and licensees. CR USA is a high-value business with a focus on the success of licensees. CR USA already has over 300 national licensees since beginning licensing in March of 2015 with an established track record of trust and results. (As seen on their corporate website at

In this Success Story Interview, we hear from Credit Repair USA founder, Scott Been and Jennifer Matthew. Scott utilizes his background in the credit repair industry (12 years to be exact) to expertly guide licensees as they embark on their journey of discovering a new kind of personal freedom. Read on to discover why this economy-proof business is ready to help you change your life and what it looks like for those who are already experiencing it!

What inspired you to establish Credit Repair USA?

Well, great question and a funny one as well. It was all by accident. We already had a credit repair company locally and we were just chugging along building slowly like most companies do. 20%-30% growth, year over year. One of my competitors put a bug in my head about expanding nationally. I gave it some thought and said, hey, why not? So, we created the USA brand specifically for our national brand. And, here we are. We are now having 300% growth in our first 2 years since licensing, which is absolutely insane and unheard of in this industry. So, all we did was take what we had been doing for the past 10 years and we ramp-ed it up overnight.

Switched business models. Changed software (a few times). Obtained a few top producers along the way and now the ship has sailed. We always tell potential licensees who are interested in this business this… We are already on the cruise ship. You can either sit there and stand on the dock and wave at us as we set sail, or you can get on board with us. It's really that simple folks. We inspire people to become leaders. Winners. Producers. That's who we seek. We aren't interested in the employee mentality here at CR USA. We want folks who are tired of working. We want individuals who despise their work environment.

Has the landscape of the credit repair industry changed since you began?

Not really. The CR industry has pretty much stayed the same over the past 10 -15 years. A few minor changes here and there, but nothing dramatic. Technology has changed the game honestly. What used to take us 6 months to do, now only takes 45 days. So, it benefits us and our customers. It gives us a better brand name based on production and results and in return, our customers benefit at a quicker pace. Our software syncs directly to the credit bureaus, so we know what is going on with our clients credit reports before they even know. This eliminates “dispute letters”. That is another thing we must address. The days of sending out dispute letters are over. If any company is still utilizing that tactic, they've been left behind. That technology also gives us protection. We track everything. Every account, every payment, every missed payment, every collection, you name it. We know what is going on with our clients reports before they do.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced and how have you overcome it?

Fortunately for us, we haven't really had any major challenges other than competitors trying to discredit our growth. Our growth in the short period of time has probably been the biggest challenge. Finding the right people to put in place to overcome the growing pains. I mean, just think about it. We started licensing 2 years ago in March of 2015. We now have over 300 national licensees. We weren't expecting that kind of growth so soon, so obviously we weren't prepared for the onslaught. But, we got our legs beneath us firmly planted on the ground and we are off and running.

Tell us about the support that Credit Repair USA provides to licensees.

We provide unlimited support. Most of our licensees, once they have been through training and feel part of our team are usually super grateful. Look, there has to be back end support or you fail and that is for any industry. When our licensees succeed, our company succeeds. I am personally a Mark Cuban guy. I believe in building people, not businesses. The people build the business. We provide the tools. Do we provide the work ethic? No. Every new licensee receives their own credit mentor. Those credit mentors were personally trained by us, so by extension, new licensees can come on board with some basic knowledge of how the system works. From there, it will be up to them to engage within the company. On top of that, all licensees run themselves through our credit program. So, they are their 1st customer. What better way to learn than on yourself. We do that because it's the best learning tool without pressure being put upon themselves.

How long does it typically take to build a successful business as a licensee with Credit Repair USA?

Depending on work ethic and drive, we always tell new licensees this. If you aren't making $5k-$6k per month within your first 6 months, then you aren't following our business model. And we say that because we provide leads to licensees who want them. As with any business, the beginning is always the toughest time. But, with our agents, we've tried to eliminate that success lag time. We have so many leads coming in right now, it's almost a no brainer to join our company. But, to answer the question, most of our licensees are making some kind of income within the first month.

How competitive is the industry, how does Credit Repair USA set itself apart?

We don't have any competition. Now, I'm sure there are other companies that look at us as their competition, but they look at business all wrong. Most companies in this industry look at others as a threat. We don't. Honestly, we could care less what other companies are doing. Why? It's because we are too busy building our brand. While others are looking at us and throwing a hissy fit, we just laugh and chug along. When you are a pioneer, you get arrows in your back. That's just the way it goes. It's America. Competition is good for us. We learn from everyone else s failures. We polish up their mess ups, fix what they are doing wrong, then implement that into our business. I know, it sounds strange. But, if you think about it, it's what visionaries do. They go where others are afraid to go.

What’s up next for Credit Repair USA?

More growth. It's just that simple. We will continue to keep the throttle down and build more of our licensees up. We will continue to create winners and producers. I mean, think about what we are doing. We've created a system that allows people who are tired of their jobs to just quit that job and become self employed. Once you are free from the shackles that is Corporate America, you then become free. At the end of the day, this is about freedom. Freedom away from the office gossip. Free from office politics. Free from having to answer to a “boss”. Free from the fog. Your future will depend on your individual work ethic. So, instead of making someone else rich, why don't you do it for yourself?

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Yes, come join us!!! And remember, our new structure is set up to where you may pay as you go, cancel anytime. So, you can join us for just $99/mo. Play around with our system for a month or two, see If you like the company structure and training. If you do, you can move up. If not, you are more than welcome to part ways with us. No hard feelings. We won't lock you into some long term contract. Try us out. I think you'll enjoy our business model. We look forward to having you on board.

Credit Repair Nerds LicenseeQ&A Licensee: Jury Becerra

Jury Becerra was in search of a new opportunity that would allow her more freedom to spend time with her daughter, while still providing her viable income. Having no prior experience in credit repair was no problem, Jury gained the education and tools necessary from hands on corporate training that doesn’t stop! Providing services that so many people need makes marketing easy, along with a willingness to follow the business plan. Now, Jury is looking forward to continuing to build her business without having to choose between financial freedom and her family.

What initially attracted you to the Credit Repair USA opportunity?

Initially, it was the fact that I could do this business from anywhere and be able to build a team within the company and eventually have freedom of time to do the things I really want to do. I also saw it as my ticket out of my job and give me the opportunity to spend more time with my daughter

What has your path looked like since joining Credit Repair USA?

Things within the company have moved very rapidly especially with the leadership and support from corporate. I never doubted I would make money but wow way faster than I initially thought. It has spread like wildfire now that people know what I’m doing, there are so many people out there looking to make extra money, and change careers or looking to fix their credit.

Did you have prior experience working with the credit repair market?

I have never had experience in the credit repair market, I thought I knew some things , but definitely not like I know now and still learning, but corporate makes things so easy for us, anyone can become an expert very quickly.

What is your favorite thing about being a Credit Repair USA licensee?

My favorite thing about being a licensee I would have to say for me is working from home and the potential freedom that I can already see becoming a reality.

What is the #1 piece of advice you received as a first­ time licensee?

The #1 thing I would have to say would be to be coachable and learn the system. The system works!

Is there anything else you would to share?

Last thing I want to say is that there is so much potential in the income that is in my control, but also that anyone can learn this business and have the same opportunity as I am taking advantage.

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