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The STUDENTathleteWorld team is founded by and made up of former college coaches with over 100 years of college coaching experience. We help high school athletes and their families navigate the college athletic recruiting process focusing on being personal and honest.

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Investment Range: $5,000 - $15,000 Franchise Units: 100
Franchise Fees: n/a Financing Available: No
Liquid Capital: $5,000 Training & Support: Yes


The STUDENTathleteWorld team is founded by and made up of former college coaches with over 100 years of college coaching experience at the NCAA D1, D2, D3, and NAIA levels. College athletic recruiting is not just our hobby, it is what we have done for the entirety of our professional lives. We know how college coaches recruit athletes not from watching ESPN, but from having been there and done that ourselves. We designed our program from scratch with the idea to create a service that offers exactly and only what STUDENTathletes and their families need in the recruiting process, not what looks good or sells.  This makes us distinctly unique from our competitors, many of whom are either not qualified to assist families, or simply run subscription model websites designed to make revenue through advertisements and clicks.  We don't care about clicks, we only care about helping our athletes get recruited.  We've had amazing success since we began helping athletes in 2009 because of our commitment to this fundamental concept.

Our comprehensive program includes recruiting education, personal consultation, marketing, video, college-matching, scouting, academics, and much more. Our mission is to offer guidance, experience, and exposure to high school STUDENTathletes and their parents to generate admissions, playing opportunities, and scholarships based on the STUDENTathlete's educational, personal, and athletic goals.  We are dedicated to being honest, personal, and strategic-focused while helping our STUDENTathletes find the best education, at the best price, that gives them the opportunity to continue to participate in the sport they love.  Simply put, “We Help Athletes Get Recruited!”  Please explore our website and read about our background as college coaches and our personal approach to the recruiting process.  After reviewing, please contact us for more information.


Every student-athlete, and his/her parents, have several questions concerning their college athletic recruitment. Am I good enough to play my sport in college and at what level? How does the recruiting process work? When and where do I begin? What’s the best way to get recruited? Since you only have one chance to do this right, you want a professional service that gives you the information and the tools necessary to get it done right.

College coaches recruit up to hundreds of STUDENTathletes for every single position they are trying to fill. Most programs do not have the recruiting budget and resources to scout properly, especially out of state. They rely on what has worked for them in the past; focusing on programs and services they know and trust, attend games and events contests close to their college, and recruit athletes who pro-actively reach out to them.

College coaches who do attend camps, clinics, and showcases are not there to scout out new talent; they are there to observe athletes they already know.  In order to be recruited by college coaches, coaches must be aware of you and your abilities. To play the odds the same way college coaches do, you need to get noticed by lots of coaches, and not just a handful.  You have to actively, directly and personally show interest in the coach, his/her team, and the College/University. You can't post your profile or videos on a random website and hope a coach finds you and recruits you.  If you are not receiving direct, personal, and consistent contact from college coaches then they don't know about you and you aren't being recruited.


STUDENTathleteWorld will evaluate you academically and athletically, to see where you qualify to play at the college level.  We will get you the exposure you need to open up opportunities at every level (NCAA, NAIA, NCCAA, USCAA, JUCO) across the country.  Only you can make the decision on where to compete and only college coaches can determine if you’re the right fit for their college.  STUDENTathleteWorld can, however, explain the recruiting process, show you what you need to, when to do it, and give you the best tools to make it happen.  STUDENTathleteWorld will take the burden off the families by doing the legwork of getting you in front of the college coaches at the schools that match your athletic, academic, and personal goals.  STUDENTathleteWorld is a simple, straightforward, inexpensive and incredibly effective program.  Our process is personal and strategically-focused in order to make a significant difference in the future of the STUDENTathletes we work with.


The answer to that question depends upon you.  Our most successful Area Coordinators share the traits below.  If you possess these traits, then you may have a successful career with STUDENTathleteWorld waiting for you.  If you think you’ve got what it takes to be one of our Area Coordinators we look forward to hearing from you!

  • Our most successful Area Coordinators are consistently doing their job, sticking to their own pre-determined activity schedule and making sure that they set attainable targets each month and meet them.  They are persistent and don’t wait for success to happen, they MAKE it happen!  
  • Our most successful Area Coordinators truly care about their STUDENTathletes.  They take an active role in reaching out to their clients, answering their questions, and helping them on a personal level.  They stay in touch with parents, athletes, and coaches as a personal consultant and recruiting expert.  
  • Our most successful Area Coordinators interact with coaches and sports industry professionals in their area, letting them know how they will be working with the athletes in that area and making every effort to form working partnerships with high schools, clubs, and sports training centers.  
  • Our most successful Area Coordinators enjoy operating their own business. They have a special entrepreneurial spirit that drives them to develop and grow a thriving sports-related business.


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Financial Information
Name Value
Liquid Capital: $5,000
Franchise Fee: n/a
Franchise Units: 100
Financing Available: No
Training & Support: Yes

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The STUDENTathleteWorld team is founded by and made up of former college coaches with over 100 years of college coaching experience. We help high school athletes and their families navigate the college athletic recruiting process focusing on being personal and honest.

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