The Most Important Question a Business Can Ask Its Customer is: How Did We Serve You?

*Normal pricing for this opportunity is $5,995, but for a limited time we're offering it for just $598! The first 100 people who take advantage of this opportunity pay a one-time processing fee (includes training access to our powerful free lead generation program) of 2 payments of $299, with the second payment waived after your first 3 sales! Sign up just 10 locations and your protected territory is yours for free!

An Unmatched Business Opportunity

How Did We Serve You? works in multiple industries: restaurants, salons, retail, grocery, auto repair and service, hospitality, medical practitioners. And it is an affordable solution for small to mid-sized businesses. This means you have plenty of revenue streams to work with!

This highly scalable business model gathers customer feedback through surveys, providing clients with monthly reports and a space to respond to feedback. Independent sales representatives secure new merchant clients and annual subscription renewals.

What How Did We Serve You? Offers:

  • No inventory to stock
  • No storefront to manage
  • No hidden costs and surprises.

Manage your own time and determine your own income working from wherever you please. With minimal effort, you could make $35k–50k first year, or more if you're determined to succeed.

Your entry fee covers all of your registration, training, and access to our powerful and FREE lead generation program as long as you are an active representative. This is not a yearly fee; it is a one-time processing that guarantees you access to our program and the chance to earn the free franchise.


Earn A Free Exclusive Territory Worth $150-250k a Year*: Sign Up Today!

Sign up as a representative with our unique company to promote our exceptional B2B service in your area. If you simply meet your quota, you will receive the exclusive territory for your area for free. You will then be able to hire employees to add additional revenue in your area.

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