An Unmatched Small Business 
Customer Experience Management Solution
The Most Important Question a Business Can Ask Its Customer is: 
How Did We Serve You?
  • Customer experience monitoring and retention service for the Small Business market
  • Gathers and processes customer feedback through surveys
  • Highly scalable business model
  • Successful beta test in Atlanta, GA 
  • Independent sales reps acquire new merchant clients plus annual subscription renewals and receive up to 75% commission plus yearly renewals
  • CSRs provide a high-touch service element
  • $599 - $999 revenue per subscribed location per year
  • Entry fee: $2,499

An Unmatched Business Opportunity

How Did We Serve You? works in multiple industries: restaurants, salons, retail, grocery, auto repair and service, hospitality, medical practitioners. And it is an affordable solution for small to mid-sized businesses. This means you have plenty of revenue streams to work with!

This highly scalable business model gathers customer feedback through surveys, providing clients with monthly reports and a space to respond to feedback. Independent sales representatives secure new merchant clients and annual subscription renewals.

What How Did We Serve You? Offers:

  • No inventory to stock
  • No storefront to manage
  • No hidden costs and surprises.
  • Exclusive territory
  • Hire your own commissioned sales staff to promote within your territory from day 1
  • Set your own pricing, negotiate your own deals
  • Work your own hours, simple requirements to maintain active status

Manage your own time and determine your own income working from wherever you please. With minimal effort, you could make $35k–50k first year, or more if you're determined to succeed.

Your entry fee of $2,499 covers all of your registration, training, and access to our powerful and FREE lead generation program as long as you are an active representative. This is not a yearly fee; it is a one-time processing that guarantees you access to our program and the chance to earn a free master territory.

Investment Merits

Large and Growing Market Opportunity

  • The global customer experience management market is projected to grow from $4.36 billion in 2015 to $10.77 billion by 2020 
  • North America holds the largest share (47.6%) of the overall customer experience management market and is expected to reach $2.98 billion by 2017 
  • U.S. market research industry revenue is expected to reach $19.7 billion with 2.3% over 2016 alone

Attractive Business Model

  • No competition in market sector, large national companies provide service for themselves, no current players in small to mid-sized business market 
  • Annual recurring revenues 
  • Highly scalable direct sales business model 
  • No physical inventory 
  • Home-based customer service agents 
  • Low overhead drives high margins 
  • Potential to serve more than 100,000 locations by year 5

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