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Baby Otter Swim School

Baby Otter Swim School

Make money by becoming part of the explosive industry of saving lives through our nationally acclaimed swim safety program that will benefit generations of families.

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Investment Range: $13,000 - $15,000 Franchise Units: 1
Franchise Fees: n/a Financing Available: No
Liquid Capital: $13,000 Training & Support: Yes


         Baby Otter Franchise

It’s one thing to own a business but this one saves lives. Help us make Florida a ZERO drowning state

No Brick and Mortar Facility Needed!

The Baby Otter Andre Dawson Aquatic Center helps individuals and existing businesses turn a simple pool into an extraordinary business. Make money by becoming part of the explosive industry of saving lives through our nationally acclaimed swim safety program that will benefit generations of families. Drowning is the leading cause of death in children under the age of five. Drowning has become a global epidemic!  Become part of the solution by joining this once in a life time business opportunity. 

Benefits of Owning a Baby Otter Business:

  • Be your own boss
  • Low start-up fees
  • No facility needed
  • Quick to start
  • Over 75 years combined experience
  • Associated with national affiliations
  • Become an expert in aquatic field

Multiple Revenue Streams

  • Private lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Baby Otter products
  • Safety Assessment Program

Swim School License Package Includes:

  • Complete training in all aspects of our teaching techniques
  • All business and training materials needed to operate your swim business.
  • Exclusive territory
  • Use of our trademark, logo, and  marketing materials
  • Professional affiliation with Licensor
  • Access to a fully supported website


We pride ourselves on having the best training program in the swim safety industry. Having over 75 years experience in the aquatic industry will benefit all of our licensing partners through our contracts and the relationships we've built in the industry.

If you love working with kids (and adults), like to be in the water, have a passion for helping people and want to be your own boss then look no further!

Baby Otter Franchise

Baby Otter Franchise


Investment & Financial Info

Financial Information
Name Value
Liquid Capital: $13,000
Franchise Fee: n/a
Franchise Units: 1
Financing Available: No
Training & Support: Yes

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Video for Baby Otter Swim School

Make money by becoming part of the explosive industry of saving lives through our nationally acclaimed swim safety program that will benefit generations of families.

Please enjoy the following video presentation.

News / Press Releases about Baby Otter Swim School

Jul 18, 2015

Baby Otter Andre Dawson Aquatic Center Teaches Kids To Swim From The Comfort of Their Home

Drowning-the number one killer of small children in south Florida, is being prevented by the Baby Otter Andre Dawson Aquatic Center.


Testimonials for Baby Otter Swim School

Hello Miss Mindy (as you will forever be known to us)! How are you? I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for Apple. She has been swimming (almost) everyday since you saw her. She has gotten tremendous confidence in the water. Now when we swim, she takes off on her own out of my arms and swims into her daddy’s. For days after the lessons ended, she would teach her duckies to swim during bath time. It was hilarious asking them to tell her “I can do it” and “ready, set, go!” It is quite a task to get her out of the pool now. When we are on her way she says, “I’m going to do my work, and then we can play.”

Our friends and family watch flabbergasted as they watch this little two year old swimming like a little fish. The best part is, I know that if she ever fell into a pool, she would know exactly how to save her life. How can you ever thank someone for teaching your child that skill? It is impossible. But we are so very grateful to you and Marlene. Thank you a million times over. We hope that in the autumn we can bring you over to teach phase two.

Thank you again and lots of love to you and Marlene…. Gwyneth Paltrow - Actress


Hi, my son Felix who is 2 just finished his 5 day course with Wendy at our pool… was great, she did a super job giving him (and me) the confidence to have him swimming! On day 1 when he was first learning the exercises, he was a crying mess….by day 2 he was more comfortable and by the end he was loving it and doing the life saving techniques….thanks Wendy for your help, look forward to the  next level of swimming! 

– Dave, Florida


My name is Cate and I am the mother of two children with Autism. From the minute my children were born, before the disability diagnosis, I was very focused on making sure my children could swim as soon as they came of age.  Once the children were diagnosed with Autism, I knew that the need for water safety instruction and swim lessons was absolutely critical for their survival, as children with Autism can be abnormally drawn to water and can have a difficult time understanding the concept of danger.  I went searching for swim schools and was repeatedly denied.  Without even seeing my son, who is considered severe and nonverbal, I was told that he would never learn to swim.  I was also told that with my daughter’s difficult behaviors, she was also “not welcome” for swim instruction.  The final devastating blow came when a swim school who actually used a nonverbal Autistic child and their ability to learn in their program as a selling point to bring in clients, proceeded to tell me my nonverbal son could not be taught to swim.   I was sad and I was scared for the safety of my children, living in a state filled with lakes, pools and surrounded on three sides by the sea.  Finally, my pediatrician sent me to Baby Otter where he had sent his children for lessons.  From the minute I first spoke with the school, I knew we were in good hands! I was not told my children were guaranteed to swim in any specific time frame, but I was assured that the instructors at the swim school would stay with both of my kids until they learned to swim, regardless of their learning disability or “limitations”.  We enrolled my kids at the ages of 4 and 5 into the TKR, Turn, Kick, Reach program.  Not only did both of my kids pass the TKR on the fifth day, but both of my kids became such strong swimmers so quickly, they were enrolled in the school’s Special Needs Swim Team in which they were awarded medals!  My children have continued to grow in ability and strength through the years and they have both become the best swimmers I know!  Not only that, they both swim regularly in the ocean and surf!  Baby Otter truly changed the course of their lives forever!

- Cate, Florida


Hello, Just wanted to relay our experience with the “BOSS”. If you don’t already know, “BOSS” stands for Baby Otter Swim School. My two younger children, Brogan, age 8 1/2 and Harris, age 7, were 2 and 3 1/2 years old when I decided to sign them up for swimming lessons. I had heard about Baby Otters “turn, kick, reach” program and decided to check it out for myself. At the time, I thought my younger son was too young for lessons ( he was only 2 years old) , but he had to come with me anyway if I just gave my three year old lessons so I decided to give them both lessons. Brogan, my older one, looked like he understood what Miss Mindy and Miss Marlene were teaching him, however Harris, my two year old, just cried from the moment he got in the water until the moment he got out. (Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but that’s what it seemed like). The lessons were about 30 minutes long, for 5 days in a row. After the five days and lots of tears from my younger son, we thanked Miss Marlene and Miss Mindy, for Brogan seemed to have learned from the experience but Harris seemed too busy crying to have learned anything. The weekend came along and we decided to show my husband what his hard earned money just bought. Brogan jumped in the water, swam using his big “Mickey-Goofy” arms, turned and came back to the wall. Then it was Harris’s turn. I had already warned my husband that it was probably a waste to have spent the money on lessons for Harris because he basically cried the whole time. Alas, Harris jumped in the pool, swam all the way to the other side using his “big arms”, turned around and came back to the wall, just as his brother did, perhaps even better. I couldn’t believe my eyes. How he learned anything in between all his tears is beyond me. It gets better. A few days later, we went to a water park which had a diving pool. Harris gets in line, (mind you, he’s only 2 years old), walks onto the diving board, which is a good 8 feet off the water, does a spread eagle dive of sorts off the board and swims to the wall. The lifeguard was VERY impressed. Fast forward to one month ago. Harris decided to join the local swim team. Both Harris and his brother Brogan can swim and know exactly what to do if they ever get in a bind in the water. And we must give all the credit to the Baby Otter Swim School. I strongly urge all parents to give their kids the very special gift of swimming lessons. Summer is here and that means lots of time in the water. We live in Florida, where pools are plentiful. I feel very comfortable knowing that my kids learned how to swim at such an early age and from what I feel is the best program out there. Baby Otter Swim School is the BOSS! Their web site is Please pass the word. Give your children swimming lessons, and keep them safe.

- L.Ness, Florida


When it comes to swimming, Marlene Bloom and Mindy York have mastered the art of child safety. In many states, the leading cause of death in children under the age of 5 is drowning, and the majority of those deaths take place at home in the family pool – as Bloom and York caution, even a moment of distraction can prove fatal. For that reason, they began the Baby Otter Swim School in 2000. Their swim instruction is based a simple yet crucial technique, the Turn, Kick, Reach method, and, with five days of training, they can have a toddler water-ready. Their program has made such an impression (they count Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter Apple among their successes!), they have now produced two DVD’s for families to learn more about swim safety at home. Educational and fun, these videos are truly indispensable when teaching kids to swim. An animated DVD and accompanying coloring book help kids learn the rules of pool safety, while “Is your child’s life worth ten minutes? Safety: A Pool Owner’s Visual Guide” is an essential tool for all parents who own a pool. The video teaches families about the importance of pool safety and the obvious – as well as the often overlooked – ways of keeping kids safe, from the common hazards everyone should be made aware of to the correct way to respond to an emergency. A large focus of the safety instruction is on the “Layers of Protection,” which consists of 7 safety measures which every parent should take seriously, as each one has the potential to save a life. While much of it may seem like common sense, York, whose own daughter nearly drowned as a baby, warns that, in an emergency, calm thinking often goes out the window. When it comes to a child’s safety, these things simply can’t be left to chance. In a clear, simple, and compelling way, Bloom and York are able to get their important message across, giving parents all of the information and tools necessary to prevent drowning and put their minds at ease. More importantly, by giving both parents and children the confidence to know what to do in an emergency, Baby Otter Andre Dawson Aquatic Center takes a huge step towards making the water a safer place for kids. And for every parent who understands how to keep their kids safe, that could mean one less accident around a pool. 

- Stacy DeBroff, Mom Central, Inc. Founder and President

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