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Amspirit Business Connections

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Investment Range: $9,500 Franchise Units: n/a
Franchise Fees: n/a Financing Available: Yes
Liquid Capital: $9,500 Training & Support: Yes



Being an AmSpirit Business Connections franchisee is a unique opportunity to consult with entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals as AmSpirit Business Connections has designed this program to allow you to dovetail your current business or profession with the franchise opportunity. Thus, there is no requirement that you expend a full-time effort towards being an AmSpirit Business Connections franchisee.

As it is a franchise requiring that you lead, guide and mentor a variety of small business people, AmSpirit Business Connections recommends that you have a minimum of 10 years of diverse business, self-employment or similar experience working with small business persons or commission-based professionals.

In addition, you must be avidly committed to assist other business professionals in becoming more successful by establishing strong, productive business relationship through the AmSpirit Business Connections program. You will accomplish this by:
  • Interacting in your local business community with the intent of meeting entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals;
  • Making presentations on networking to various groups in the local business community with the intent of creating greater awareness for AmSpirit Business Connections as well as establishing yourself as an expert in the area of business relationship development;
  • Inviting area entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals to informational meetings to present the AmSpirit Business Connections program;
  • Carefully following a formula for establishing self-sustaining, diverse groups of entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals;
  • Using strong leadership skills to ensure that Chapters and members diligently follow the AmSpirit Business Connections structured meeting model;
  • Presenting materials to and facilitating discussion among Chapter members to encourage and empower them to undertake the activities to make them more successful at giving and getting referrals; and,
  • Serving as a catalyst for creating and maintaining positive group dynamics among participants in various Chapters.

Products & Services

Amspirit Business Connections a franchise opportunity from Franchise Genius
AmSpirit Business Connections organizes and supports Chapters of sales representatives, entrepreneurs, and professionals. These individuals are collectively referred to as members and the members pay membership fees to participate in AmSpirit Business Connections Chapters. The members of these Chapters meet on a weekly basis to participate in a structured meeting format where they assist one another to succeed by creating a forum where they can exchange qualified referrals.

While Chapter membership can be diverse, here are some examples of sales representatives, entrepreneurs and professionals that can benefit from the program supported by AmSpirit Business Connections:

Accountants … Ad Specialists … Advertising Agents … Attorneys … Auto Body Repairers … Auto Leasers ... Auto Sales People ... Bankers ... Beauticians ... Bedding Sales People... Business Brokers ... Carpet Cleaners ... Casualty Insurance Agents ... Caterers ... Cellular Phone Sales People ... Chiropractors ... Cleaning Services ... Collection Services ... Commercial Cleaners ... Computer Consultants ... Credit Card Services ... Dentists ... Embroiderers ... Employee Leasers ... Employment Agents ... Equipment Leasers ... Exhibit Displays ... Florists ... Graphic Designers ... Health & Fitness Experts ... Image Consultants ... Interior Designers ... Internet Services ... Jewelers ... Landscapers ... Life Insurance Agents ... Locksmiths ... Long Distance Providers ... Marketing Consultants ... Massage Therapists ... Mortgage Brokers ... Moving & Storage ... Office Equipment ... Office Furniture ... Office Suppliers ... Optometrists ... Payroll Services ... Photographers ... Printers ... Public Relations ... Real Estate Appraisers ... Realtors ... Remodeling Contractors ... Retirement Community ... Sales Trainers ... Security Systems ... Signs ... Stockbrokers ... Telecommunications ... Title Insurance Agents ... Travel Agents.

As a franchisee of AmSpirit Business Connections, we will empower you to establish these Chapters and create an environment where your members achieve greater success through the interaction with others as well as the guidance that you provide.

Training & Support

  1. Initial Training: As a franchisee of AmSpirit Business Connections, you will participate in a multi-day initial training program near our headquarters. At this training program, we will (i) Introduce you to all aspects of the AmSpirit Business Connections model; (ii) Provide a detailed discussion of the steps necessary to start a Chapter and the activities essential to make it successful, vibrant and dynamic; and, (iii) Allow you to observe active Chapters that have made successful use of the AmSpirit Business Connections model.
  2. Ongoing Development: In addition to the initial training, AmSpirit Business Connections will periodically offer supplemental training and development programs that you will have the opportunity to attend.
  3. Personal Consultation: In addition to formalized training programs, staff at AmSpirit Business Connections will be available via telephone and electronic mail to address your unique situations and challenges.
  4. Program & Materials: As a franchisee of AmSpirit Business Connections, you have electronic access to a plethora of documents needed to operate your franchise.
  5. AmSpirit.Com: In addition, to the website available to the membership and the public at large, AmSpirit Business Connections maintains a section of its website exclusively devoted to franchisees and directors of its corporate-owned territories. Known as the Director Only section, this part of our website will provide you with materials to assist in your personal and professional development, a forum for franchisees to share experience and logs for guiding and tracking franchisee success.
  6. Member & Community Programs: In addition to program and material documents, as a franchisee of AmSpirit Business Connections, you will be provided with access to a library of training and facilitation programs that you can use to empower members as well as work with business organizations in your area.
  7. Membership & Financial Management: On your behalf as a franchisee, AmSpirit Business Connections will manage your membership database as well as ensure that your members are appropriately invoiced.

Why Amspirit Business Connections?

The AmSpirit Business Connections Franchise Opportunity is unique in that not only will it generate income for you from the operation of the franchise, but if you choose you can derive royalty-free income from your enhanced business acumen and fortified network.

One-Time Initiation Fee: As a franchisee of AmSpirit Business Connections, when an entrepreneur, sales representative or professional joins a Chapter for which you have responsibility, he or she submits a membership application along with a one-time initiation fee for membership in each Chapter in which he or she participates.

Quarterly Dues: As a franchisee of AmSpirit Business Connections, in addition to the one-time initiation fee, members pay ongoing membership dues on a quarterly basis. Members have the option to pre-pay four (4) quarters of annual dues at a discount.

Consultation Income: As a franchisee of AmSpirit Business Connections, you develop yourself into, and others will perceive you as, an authority in the area of business relationship development. With this, you are encouraged to use these skills to land consulting contracts with your area to assist businesses in developing their internal or external business relationships.

Fortified Network: As a franchisee of AmSpirit Business Connections, you cannot help but expand and enhance your own professional network. With this, you are encouraged to parlay these contacts into referrals for customers or clients for any other business in which you are involved.

Are You a Good Fit for Amspirit Business Connections?

The AmSpirit Business Connections franchise may be right for you if you...
  • Are looking for a professional environment where you can assist others to become more successful;
  • Desire to have a local client base with no required out-of-town travel;
  • Desire a relatively passive cash flow from membership dues that is significant, consistent and predictable;
  • Want to create a productive referral network;
  • Want a franchise opportunity that aggressively seeks to harness technology to aid its franchisees in operating and communicating with each other;
  • Want to be perceived in the community as a leader as well as an expert in the area of professional networking and business relationship management;
  • Value opportunities for ongoing personal and professional development;
  • Like interacting with a variety of entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals;
  • Want a franchise opportunity that will dovetail nicely with another business or profession;
  • Are looking for an opportunity to get out and meet other like-minded business professionals;
  • Want a franchise opportunity where the clientele is encouraged and empowered to generate for you additional clientele;
  • Want a business where many of the mundane daily administrative activities associated with record keeping and invoicing activities are handled for you;


Investment & Financial Info

Financial Information
Name Value
Liquid Capital: $9,500
Franchise Fee: n/a
Franchise Units: n/a
Financing Available: Yes
Training & Support: Yes

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